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PAR20 Spotlights

PAR20 LED light bulbs provide very low energy lighting with extremely long life, typically 30000 to 50000 hours. In addition they have considerable environmental benefits because the very low electricity consumption means that CO2 emissions are minimal during electricity generation and the long life means that there is a reduction in landfill.
All our LED PAR20 bulbs are direct replacement for the Halogen 50W bulb with no changes needed to the wiring or lighting units. There are 2 additional benefits firstly, no transformer is required as they work on 120V and secondly, due to the very power consumption and low heat output compared to standard halogen bulbs, fire risk is significantly reduced.
Unlike the first LED light bulbs generation that comes with multiple low power LED diodes ( typically 38 or 80), all our LED bulbs use high power LED with typically a single 3 watt LED or 3 x 3 watt LED. The higher power LED Bulbs have 3 x 3 watt LED's.
LED bulbs are far less fragile than CFL's or halogen bulbs and can withstand knocks and bangs to a much greater extent. In addition they are more resilient to rapid temperature changes and to repeated switching on and off.
The exceptional energy saving and environmental characteristics of the LED light bulb make the LED bulb the ultimate in energy saving.

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