LED vs Halogen and Incandescent

LED vs Halogen and Incandescent : The Facts

  • LEDs use up to 90% less power than halogen or incandescent lighting
  • LED lighting has superior long life capability of up to 50,000 hours compared to halogen lamp life of around 1,500 hours
  • LED’s generate very little heat and are safe to be placed near plants, children, pets and kept in confined spaces.  Halogen and incandescent lamps generate high heat and cannot be placed near the above objects or in confined spaces.
  • LEDs emit no UV and will not fade precious fabric or artwork, whereas halogen generates higher UV and will attract insects and fade artwork and fabric over time.
  • LED lamps can be dimmed similar to halogen and incandescent
  • Incandescent lamps are being phased out globally over the coming years due to inefficiency
  • LEDs are waterproof and can be used in water features, wet areas and pools
  • LEDs can be placed in ANY location whereas other lighting need to consider placement regarding heat, glare, safety and ease of maintenance
  • LED lighting systems can operate from solar power
  • LED lights are fully recyclable as opposed to halogens and CFLs
  • LEDs produce far less carbon emissions than halogen, incandescent or CFL’s
  • LEDs produce 10% heat + 90% light, whereas halogens produce 80% heat + 20% light
  • LED lamps will fit into traditional halogen and CFL fittings making retrofitting simple and avoiding the need to buy expensive fittings
  • LEDs can be produced in a variety of colours and used for a multitude of functions



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